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Rhythm Ride, Cardio Strength, Kickboxing Instructor

When Brenda moved to Colorado health and fitness became her passion!  Hiking, biking and group fitness classes strengthen her physically as well as mentally. 


Brenda has worked in the medical field for over 25 years and has degrees in nutrition and nursing.  Her motto is work hard, enjoy life and laugh often!  She hopes to give this gift back to others.



Grit Strength, Rhythm Ride, Grit Cardio, Sprint Ride, & Kickboxing Instructor

Cristy is a teacher who loves group fitness classes. She got certified in Les Mills Grit in 2016 and obtained her certification in Les Mills Sprint in 2020. She enjoys the extra energy and strength that these HIIT workouts bring into her life and is currently working on her personal trainer certification



Body Pump, Kickboxing, & Ride and Core Instructor


Helen moved to Georgia after completing her Degree in Human Nutrition, Food and Exercise at Virginia Tech. She currently works as a Clinical Dietitian and has worked in the nutrition field for over 20 years. She shares a passion for all things that promote health and wellness and is driven by helping others create Behavioral Change.



Body Pump Instructor


Jenny is a Certified BODYPUMP Instructor and a part of the RAC team since 2016. Jenny has always had a passion for fitness, weight training, and encouraging others to be healthy.



Kettlebell training & Tabata Instructor


JP has been a long time fitness instructor since 1982. Her career began at The Body Firm which was an all ladies fitness studio on Broad Street.  From there she went on to instruct at Dyna Life Fitness Center; The Rome Health Spa;  Gold's Gym; YMCA; Berry College; 365 Fitness; Club Fitness and Rome Athletic Club.
She has numerous certifications from TRX, Silver Sneakers, AFAA, Dragon Door and Fitour. She is able to instruct a variety of fitness classes which include but are not limited to Group Fitness classes,  Step, TRX , Silver Sneakers, Kickboxing, Ashtanga Yoga, Pilates, Spin, Kettlebells and Tabata. She loves being able to help individuals reach their full fitness potential!

Kettles and More Instructor


Kendra has a HKC kettlebells certification and is always a very positive and fun person to get fit with. Kendra is enjoying teaching a class she has loved being a participant of for many years. 

Teresa Gill.JPEG


Tabata Instructor


Teresa is a registered nurse who loves all things fitness. She has always loved all kinds of fitness activities. She first became certified to teach kettlebells in 2012 as an HKC instructor. Then she progressed to the next level as an RKC (Russian kettlebell instructor) in 2014. In 2018 she became an SCC (strength calisthenics instructor).  In 2021 she again added to her collection of certifications as a Kettlebell trainer, kickboxing instructor, cycling instructor, and primary group exercise instructor.  However, she is best known for her popular TABATA class at the Rome Athletic Club.

Valencia .JPG


Yoga Instructor


Valencia is a licensed psychologist who has long been involved in fitness, having first taught group fitness classes (step and kickboxing aerobics) in 2004 and has been practicing yoga for over a decade. She is a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE), and is designated as an ACE Mind-Body Specialist. She advocates for people taking care of their total health (not just the physical). For helpful content check her out on Facebook at Base5 Health.

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